Character Description

Miss Information
Miss Information, her signature character is a mobile information booth that easily moves about any outdoor or indoor area providing patrons with useless information from around the world. How many times have you gone to an Information Booth only to be misdirected or misinformed? Well, Miss Information makes no bones about the fact she has everything you don’t need to know. There is nothing as funny as seeing a moving information booth waddling through your event bringing laughter and amazement to every one around.




Dr. Auntie Dote’s Amazing Side Show (with a large Side of Humour) is a focused 45-minute circle show that is also being booked for Keynote speaker slots at conferences, conventions and theatre venues. Dr. Auntie Dote with her famous bad Freud accent is a Humour Specialist who can diagnose and cure depression. The Doctor knows that UNDEPRESSED is not a word in the dictionary. She is highly skilled at bringing joy back to your life. If stress is your problem the Doctor has a failsafe cure that will relax your shoulders, lower your blood pressure and lift the corners of your smile. The Doctor makes everyone feel better.


The Queen of RationalCome Together Celebration 2012ization can give you much-needed excuses for any of your bad behaviour. In her regal green attire and crown The Queen makes one-on-one contact with guests and helps rationalize everything from the current political party to any recent consumer purchase that might need an excellent excuse before you get home and face your spouse. The Queen of Rationalization is excellent with the teenagers who come to festivals looking for humour that includes them. (They are always looking for a great new excuse to try out on their parents.)


Cathy O’Lay is the world’s first latte foam reader. With her classic London Piccadilly accent Cathy can check any of your fluids and give you the best (or the worst) reading of your life – depending on your sense of humour. She’s even done an expert reading from droplets of water on a straw. “You’re good – I mean really good – I do this for a living and you’re good” quote from a professional fortuneteller in Nelson B.C. Her sexy attire canbring a splash of colour to any meet and greet, cocktail party or fund raiser.




23 dec 030Poope le Mime in a Box is not only the world’s worst mime but also the world’s first talking mime. Poope is such a bad mime that he carries his own box. “Why mime a box when you can carry it with you?”. Entertaining children and teaching them some rudimentary mime skills while cracking up the adults with Poope’s quick wit and great ability to never shut up. If you’ve ever wanted to ask a mime a question and get an answer, now’s your chance.



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