Roving Characters



Heather D. Swain BFA has been a professional actor since the late 1900s. For the past 25 years, she has been performing her roving-walkabout/street performing characters throughout Canada, the United States, England, and Mexico.

Famous for her humour that takes the ordinary and turns it sideways in a way unlike any other, she has created distinct, unique characters: her signature character, Miss Information – everything you don’t need to know; Dr. Auntie Dote who cures stress, depression, and fear; Poopé le Mime in a Box, the world’s first talking mime; Cathy O’Lay, the world’s first latte foam reader; her busiest character so far, The Queen of Rationalization who is zooming about online entering Zoom Parties around the world and rationalizing a Pandemic like only she can do. When others would say ‘that’s not funny’, Swain finds a way.

She performed for Canada Day celebrations at Trafalgar Square in London England. One of her summer highlights was performing in Washington D.C. representing Alberta at the Smithsonian Folk Life Festival.

Her touring ports of call include:
London England, Beverly Hills, New York, Chicago and Mexico City along with multiple festival locations across Canada.